Southern Living Sunday

You know those life dreams that you have where you know it’s not going to happen but you like to day dream about them anyway? I’ve been reading Southern Living magazines since I was about 10 and I am in love. To fuel my fantasy of working for and essentially BEING Southern Living (seriously, can I please have those gardens, renovate those houses, and throw those parties?) I’m participating in my own first-ever Southern Living Sunday!

The plan is to pick a delicious recipe from Southern Living’s archives, make it, and report back.  This Sunday’s recipe is Baked Smokin’ Mac & Cheese!  I left out the ham because I’m not a huge fan, but other than that I stuck to the recipe.

Although it wasn’t the easiest meal to make, it was delicious! I tried to prep the majority of what I would need before I started because I knew there would be a lot of ‘constantly whisk’-ing going on.

Nice prep station, huh?

Nice prep station, huh?

It definitely helped smooth the process and the only trouble I had was at the very beginning; I think my pan was too hot when I melted the butter so the flour-butter-milk consistency was initially a little clumpy.

Clearly my melting butter mishap had no effect on the finished product!

Clearly my melting butter mishap had no effect on the finished product!

The smoked gouda really made the meal. I added a little black pepper to my dish and ate every last bit! Overall, a very successful first Southern Living Sunday. And now, to prep for the upcoming school week. But first, a question for everyone: Do you have a favorite Southern Living dish or weekly menu item? Tell me about it!


3 thoughts on “Southern Living Sunday

  1. Excellent idea!! One of my go-to faves is the Oven Baked Chicken Risotto. It’s easy enough to be a weeknight meal, but it looks like a Sunday or company dinner!

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