Career Shopping

I started off today with a visit to the Student Professional Development Center to talk to someone about career paths and am left wishing, yet again, that patience was a virtue I possessed.  I spoke with a very nice lady about the conflicts I’m having and she decided the best route would be to give me a sort of career aptitude test called Strong to see where I fell.  Strong compares your answers to those given by professionals within different careers; the more shared answers, the higher the probability you have a similar personality as those professionals and would enjoy that employment opportunity.

As soon as I left the meeting I sat down and completed the assessment, thinking that the list of careers would show up at the end of it.  But that’s not how it works. I have to go back in for another meeting with my advisor so she can go over the career options with me, which is great, but the next opening she had is in two and a half weeks. Bummer! Ah well, a little suspense never killed anyone.

After classes and walking dear old Charlie dog, I headed down to the environmental science department to talk to the department chair. He talked me through all the different degrees offered and made some job suggestions, which was extremely helpful although now I have even more to think about!

Landscape Architect for Disney, anyone??

Finding out all the opportunities my school has to offer has been really exciting and eyeopening. I wish I wasn’t interested in so many things! A question for you: Did you have a ‘moment’ where you knew a job was the perfect fit?


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