Whirlwind of a Week

Good grief.  Every semester I forget about how challenging midterms are until they hit. But Blaine and I have made it through and are finally in Florida! Woohoo!

Since we finished with all of our assignments yesterday, we decided to celebrate with dinner out (plus we didn’t want to make anything and then have leftovers). For some reason I was really feeling like Asian cuisine, so we hit up Red Bowl Asian Bistro for a little pad thai and green curry. I enjoyed a mango tea with my meal and we had fancy maki sushi as an appetizer, which had crunchy sweet potato on top. We love sweet potato, but it was extra great on the sushi since it added a new texture and a little bit of sweetness to the sushi roll.

Our fancy maki roll. Great start to the meal!

Our fancy maki roll. Great start to the meal!

My pad thai came with two lime slices on the side and at first I thought they were just for garnish, but when I squeezed one on the noodles, I loved the dish even more. Absolutely perfect!IMG_0403Red Bowl was right by Cold Stone Creamery, so naturally we had to go. Blaine got the Coffee Lovers Only, which was the perfect combo of coffee ice cream and chocolate, and I got the Peanut Butter Cup Perfection: hold the fudge add cookie dough.  I’m a huge PB fan but had a craving for cookie dough and luckily my master ice cream crafter graciously accommodated  me.  I don’t know if you can tell by our faces, but we really loved our impromptu ice cream stop.

Ice creeeeaamm!

Ice creeeeaamm!

After a busy day and some travelling, it’s definitely time to hit the hay and get ready for tomorrow. We have a lot planned! But now here’s a picture of me and my good friend Snow White.

Fancy meeting you here!

Fancy meeting you here!

A question for you: Are you planning on any fun trips soon?


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