Boys Weekend

I definitely crashed Boys Weekend yesterday, but I had an absolute blast so I hope Blaine’s family didn’t mind!

The original plan was to wake up early, get in a run (believe it or not I’m supposed to be on a half marathon training plan. The half is in 3 weeks and I haven’t run over 6 miles. Whoops) and then head to the Arnold Palmer Invitational to watch some golf. We woke up early, heard rain, and rolled over to sleep some more. It is spring break after all, right?

After a relaxing morning, we headed into the tournament armed with rain gear and beach chairs. I’ve never been a huge fan of golf, but it was a beautiful day to relax in the sun and watch some sharply dressed men play their game. I went to golf camp and developed a huge crush on Tiger when I was in first grade and although I know he’s made some interesting life decisions my heart still raced when he walked down the green 5 yards away from me. The time at the tournament flew by and it seemed like we had barely been there when Blaine’s dad noted that we had a reservation in Orlando in about an hour and we still had to meet the rest of the fam. We made time to snap a pic at the 18th hole though!

Tiger Woods stood here!

Tiger Woods stood here!

We left the tournament, grabbed a quick shower at Blaine’s grandparent’s house and then headed to Linda’s La Cantina for a spectacular meal. It was me and 7 of Blaine’s “boys” and I’d be hard pressed to find a better time. I hope they didn’t mind me crashing Man Time!

Today is supposed to be pretty nasty weather, so I think we’ll catch a movie and maybe shop around a little. I know Blaine will love that 😛


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