Storms and Malls

With the forecast calling for a tornado watch, Blaine and I decided it would probably be best if we didn’t go to the tournament today.  Good job, us because here’s a little visual of the course afterward: 

So, like any girl, I suggested we go to the mall instead. Blaine, like the patient boyfriend he is, conceded. We drove to The Mall at Millenia before the weather turned and stopped at Greens & Grille for lunch to fuel up for a day of window shopping.  I had the Maui Wawi special which had cranberries, tomatos, and a ginger citrus dressing.  Absolutely delicious! I’ve only been there twice but it’s the perfect lunch for a hot Florida afternoon.

A light yet filling meal

A light yet filling meal

Besides walking around the mall and seeing the power go out in the Gucci store, lunch was probably the biggest thing we did all day.

Sidenote: Southern Living Sunday has been postponed to another day this week so I can cook for the entire clan. Keep on the lookout!


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