Best BBQ Ever

Publix yogurt is my jam.

Perfect breakfast

Wildberry Crumb Cake Flavor, yum!!

There is no Publix near my school and they make, hands down, THE best peanut butter, subs, baked goods, and store brand food the grocery store world has ever seen. Pretty much every morning this week I’ve had a Publix yogurt with some Ancient Grains Granola on top and I’ve had to stop myself from licking the bowl. They make crazy flavors too, like cappuccino and blueberry pomegranate.

I’ll stop raving about yesterday’s breakfast, but it’s taking a lot of self-control. Yesterday we decided on a nice relaxing day since we’ve pretty much been on the go since break started.  Blaine was dying to take me out to lunch at 4 Rivers Smokehouse. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is when my life changed. Just look at this lunch:

The biscuit was 4 inches tall!

The biscuit was 4 inches tall!

I got the pulled pork dinner plate because (1) pulled pork is my favorite and (2) all the sides looked so good and the dinner plate let me pick three. I picked the bbq baked beans, baked cheese grits that were served in foil, and coleslaw. I’m a huge fan of putting coleslaw on my barbecue and eating it all together, but I took one bite of that pulled pork and couldn’t think about altering its flavor by adding slaw. I thought that with all my years spent in North Carolina and the amount of barbecue I’ve eaten in Texas I knew good barbecue.  But man, this pulled pork blew everything I’ve ever had out of the water.  It melts in your mouth and is oh so so tender. They have 4 locations in Florida, and if you’re within an hour of any of them you absolutely have to try this place. Maybe even two hours. The sides were all delicious as well but the pulled pork really stole the show.

Once I managed to squeeze out of the restaurant door and roll to the car, Blaine and I headed to the movies to see Olympus Has Fallen and to digest a little.  We both really enjoyed the movie as an action/thriller and I definitely got into it (hello, Gerard Butler!) although in terms of substance it was very light. It was the perfect movie for a matinee date.

Blaine has been thinking about getting a nice camera to help him build his portfolio for architecture school so we headed over to Best Buy next to look at their cameras and ask some questions.  We didn’t leave with a solid idea of what he wanted/needed, which leads me to today’s question for you:

What do you love or hate about your camera and was any one company especially helpful in your search?


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