Weekend Review

I feel like I’ve been up and down the East coast this weekend! I left Florida on Thursday, stayed the night in Raleigh, and drove to Columbia, South Carolina on Friday afternoon to meet up with my best friend Maggie and her family.



She’s my greatest friend and I hadn’t seen her whole family in about 2 years so it was a wonderful weekend! Maggie and I hit the zoo (one of my favorite places!) on Saturday and the whole fam went to Easter Vigil mass on Saturday night.  We attended mass at St. Peter’s in Columbia and it was absolutely beautiful.

Today I drove back to school and had big plans to clean the apartment and get my room completely straight before school on Tuesday buuut the afternoon snoozies hit me. I did manage to briefly overcome the sleepiness in order to clean the kitchen and whip out a Southern Living recipe this afternoon. This Sunday’s recipe is Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, although the chocolate chips don’t go inside the cupcake, they go on top. Plot twist!

First speed bump was realizing we didn’t have any sticks of butter in the fridge.  We did, however, have a tub of all natural pure, local butter in a tub.  Using Yahoo answers and some science, I measured out half a cup of butter using cold water and a measuring cup.

Looked kind of gross

Looked kind of gross

Two separate mixtures were made: the topping consisted of brown sugar, chocolate chips, brown sugar, walnuts and an egg.  The actual cake was standard and consisted of nothing crazier than brown sugar. It all came together well and the batter tasted delicious! When putting the topping on the half-baked cakes I recommend moving quickly so it spreads evenly.  I tried smoothing it out with a spoon but that wasn’t as effective as one quick swipe.

My final product didn’t turn out perfectly, but I put that down to either the butter not being standard stick butter or perhaps I put the topping on too early.  The topping is supposed to be added after the cupcakes have baked for 10 minutes.  My cakes were still pretty soft in the middle when I added the topping, which might have attributed to the slightly mushy center despite extra time in the oven.

Final product

Final product

I think these cupcakes would be a big hit if I made those adjustments, but this batch might be created into an ice cream topping. I’m not complaining!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Review

  1. The displacement method of measuring…clever girl! The cupcakes still look delicious despite the issues you have with them. Great “frand” picture!!

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