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This weekend was great! We didn’t do very well in the tournament but we played some great games, plus hanging out with some of your best friends isn’t a shabby way to spend a weekend. I was given player of the game for our game against Pitt, which made the whole tournament that much better.

For dad :)

For dad ūüôā Sorry it’s small!

There was one small hiccup though. On the drive back home, we stopped to eat lunch and stretch our legs. I was driving and¬†reaaally¬†had to use the restroom so when we got out of the van I didn’t want to wait for everyone to get out in order to lock it. ¬†I asked one of my teammates to lock it for me when she was done and left the keys on the seat for her. ¬†You know where this is going. When we finished lunch we realized the keys were locked inside the van, charmingly sitting right on the driver’s seat. ¬†Luckily one of the girls was a ‘gold card carrier’ with AAA and a very nice man came out and unlocked the van for us. Thank goodness we were in a shopping center so we could kill time!

When I finally ¬†got back on Sunday afternoon Blaine–once again–came to my rescue. Not only did he buy delicious dark chocolate peanut butter filled cupcakes from Trader Joe’s, he also picked out a Southern Living recipe he thought sounded good, bought all the groceries, and made the whole meal!

So. Stinkin. Good.

I asked Blaine if he wanted to do a guest post to talk about the Pasta with Sausage and Kale he made, but he declined. You can tell from the following pictures that he is definitely more of a photographer than I am! The whole meal came together pretty quickly and Blaine said everything was basic, although he suggests adding in the pasta at the very end, otherwise it can get to0 soft.

We're a fan of TJ's

We’re a fan of TJ’s

I think the feta combined with the spicy sausage made this pasta super flavorful and the extra crunch provided by the pine nuts brought it all together.  I loved the pasta and ate it for lunch both yesterday and today (the recipe makes a ton!). Kale is one of my favorite veggies and I love finding recipes that incorporate it in any way.

Finished product. Yummmm

Finished product. Yummmm

I highly recommend this dish, especially if you’re looking for something fairly quick yet absolutely delicious and filling.


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