Birthdays Are My Favorite

My birthday policy is go big or go home.  And for Blaine’s birthday today, we’re going big.

First off, let me send a big shout out to my mom for (1) not only throwing me and my brother the greatest birthday parties complete with amazing cakes but also for (2) keeping an amazingly well stocked kitchen, in terms of both food and equipment.  I never realized how many really cool, helpful tools my mom has until I came to school and tried to cook and bake.  Take Blaine’s birthday cake for example.

When I set out to make the cake, I didn’t know that my apartment only has one brownie-sized pan, hidden in the very belly of the kitchen. So in order to make Blaine his round, 2 layer cake I’m going to have to bake one layer and then the other, and then cut them into circles. But I am not phased! Completely… We’ll see how it goes.

I baked the cake layers last night and the rest of the cake will (hopefully) come together at Blaine’s sister’s this afternoon when we get ready to throw him a big 2-0 birthday  bash! The cake was incredibly easy to make, thanks to my friend Duncan Hines

It really is moist

It really is moist

I’m usually opposed to baking things out of boxes, but Duncan Hines makes the best cake mixes, plus I was a little short on time to make something from scratch.  The icing is a different story! That’s going to be handmade mocha icing folks, and I am too pumped to lick the beaters after I make that food of the gods. I’ll post again soon showing the final setup for the big bash!


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