I’m Wafflein’

Tonight’s Southern Living Sunday recipe is Oatmeal-Honey Waffles!! Although I really have to stop making waffles because my mom’s are just too good and I’m left feeling disappointed.  Sadly, it was the same story tonight.  The waffles were fairly easy to make, although they did require some heavy machinery like a food processor for the oats and an electric mixer to beat up some eggs. Side note: Another bright side of my parents living overseas, besides the great travel opportunities, is I received some great stuff to ‘babysit’ while they’re in Italy.  Take, for example, this mother of all waffle makers:

I feel spoiled 0:)

I feel spoiled 🙂

The only time I ran into problems was when I tried to add the 2 tablespoons of honey.  I hadn’t used this particular honey in a while and so, as honey is wont to do, it had crystallized quite nicely.  I tried poppin’ it in the microwave to break it up but that wasn’t too much of a success and my egg/butter/milk/honey mixture ended up a little lumpy.  And by a little I mean the crystallized honey decided it would crystallize some egg/butter/milk too. I skimmed the lumps off the top and added in a little more milk to make up for the moisture I had removed and the consistency of the final waffle didn’t seem to suffer too much from this adjustment.

I still have yet to master the allotment of batter.

I still have yet to master the allotment of batter.

I had a weird hankering for peanut butter on my waffle, so I topped one with crunchy PB and did a classic butter and maple syrup combo for my second. mmm mmm good!

I’m going to briefly talk about yesterday because it was so much fun! Every year my rugby team hosts a prom dress game which is a round robin tournament just for fun at the end of the season. Also, everyone wears prom dresses.  It’s hilarious and my favorite weekend out of the year.  This year, the other teams invited couldn’t make it so we scrimmaged ourselves and I think it was better that way because it made it that much more fun.  Usually we take a trip to Goodwill and pick out fun dresses, but this year I decided I’d wear the prom dress I wore in high school.  It must’ve been good luck because I scored!

I dedicated this one to you, Mom and Dad!

I dedicated this one to you, Mom and Dad!

It was a little sad because none of my family members could make it (thanks for answering my invite, big bro) but I still had a magnificent time with my rugby family.  Now it’s off to do more homework, 27 days until summer!!


One thought on “I’m Wafflein’

  1. Way to score, Natalie!! And how like you to do it looking so lovely! Glad the dress came in useful yet again!;) And really glad it wasn’t your green one. We are sad we couldn’t be there but we gratefully acknowledge the dedication. Thanks and congratulations! OH, and the waffle recipe sounds yummy!

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