Swipes on Swipes on Swipes

As you’ve probably noticed, there has been an extreme dearth of Southern Living Sunday recipes. This is because I recently discovered that I have over 200 meal swipes left on my meal plan and there are only about 20 days of school left.  So instead of buying groceries and wasting my meal swipes, I’ve been eating dining hall food for the past couple of weeks.  Mmmm delicious.  Needless to say I won’t be on a meal plan next year.

Our meal plan also comes with a select amount of ‘Meal Dollars’, which you can spend on pretty much anything you want on campus including food, convenience store groceries, deodorant, etc. I have discovered this little jewel thanks to meal dollars

It tastes exactly like a S'more

It tastes exactly like a S’more

I love it! It hits the spot for a 3 pm snack.  Speaking of s’mores! Blaine, his sister Sam, and I went camping this weekend in Wilkesboro and it was so much fun.  It rained (hard!) all weekend, but it was probably  my favorite weekend in school memory.  We were in Wilkesboro for the MerleFest music festival and the shows were totally worth all the rain.  Some of Sam’s co-workers were camping at the same site so we had a blast hanging out with everyone. I brought s’mores supplies, including one cookies ‘n’ creme Hershey bar, and one of the other campers taught me her swanky way of making the perfect s’more.  she finds a log that is mostly out of the fire, places the graham cracker and chocolate on that log, and lets it get a little melty. Then she roasts her marshmallow and eats her s’more like an open faced sandwich. Personally, I like a whole s’more, but I did attempt her melty chocolate technique.  My graham cracker fell into the fire 😦  Eventually I managed to make the perfect warm-all-the-way-through s’more, but it definitely took a lot of work! We didn’t take too many pictures because of the rain, but here’s a good one of the siblings!

Avett Brothers were worth the rain!!

Avett Brothers were worth the rain!!



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