The Countdown

As school comes creeping towards finals, I can’t help but count down every day standing between me and my  family.

So close!

So close!

The sophomore slump is no myth and I’ve really been feeling antsy these past couple of months.  I keep telling myself to enjoy this college lifestyle and all its wonderful opportunities but I’m afraid I’m part old-soul because I keep daydreaming about settling down into a job and routine where weekends are filled with DIY home projects and visits to dog parks. I gotta cut down on the HGTV watching!

I’m a sucker for advertising.

Tonight’s Sunday recipe isn’t anything exciting at all, in fact it’s not even Southern Living 😦 I was feelin’ extra cheesy tonight so I whipped up a quick omelete made with about a pound of Colby Jack cheese.  I used to have a thing when I was little where I thought omeletes were gross and only wanted scrambled eggs, but I think my omelete tally for the past week is at about 3. Oh how the times have changed.  There may be some possible Duncan Hines brownies on the way as I struggle to write one of the many papers due this week. Ah the powers of comfort food.


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