Germany Day 2

Today began with the hotel’s breakfast, which was pretty good.  I enjoyed it, but nothing to rave about.  I had some yogurt with fruit, a croissant with butter (after accidentally picking up a small container of pâté that I thought was jam), a cup of freshly made orange juice, and a cup of hot black tea. Good way to start the day! Then we piled into the car and drove to the Mercedes-Benz Museum to check out the history of the Benz.  It was a wonderful museum with an audio guide included in the ticket price, which was really helpful.

The elevators in the museum. So cool!

The elevators in the museum. So cool!

It took us about 3 hours to go through the whole thing, but it was phenomenal.  The museum had information not only about how Mercedes-Benz came to be the car company it is today, but also followed some bit cultural movements in Germany and across the world.  The cars weren’t too shabby to look at either!

One of the first exhibits seen in the museum

One of the first exhibits seen in the museum


Fun Fact: Mercedes was originally the name of a race car, named after the daughter of a huge race fan


The whole SL line is my dream car.

I really enjoyed the museum and recommend it to both car and history enthusiasts.  Or if you’re interested in architecture; the style of the building is very unique! After the museum, we ate a quick lunch at the museum restaurant (the käse schnitzel is great) and headed over to base so mom could run a quick errand.  There is a German shop inside the base department store and I picked up a souvenir there. I know it’s a little lame to get it there and not from a German store ‘on location’, but the nutcracker was just too cute!

My nutcracker souvenir

My nutcracker souvenir

I like him a lot. We went back to the hotel to rest for about an hour and then we headed out to dinner at a restaurant within a 5 minutes walk from our hotel.  It was good food and the service was very friendly.  I had white sausage with a pretzel and sweet mustard and loved it! I’m usually not a mustard fan, but this was more sweet than anything.  It was a very filling meal and I enjoyed every last bite.



Dad wasn’t satisfied after dinner so we went back to the hotel to grab some dessert. I had a plain ol’ chocolate milkshake that was delicious. There were little chocolate shavings in the milkshake and it was a huge treat.  The rest of my family had some crazy things though:

Quin's pick included blood orange sorbet and a chocolate cake. Crazy good!

Quin’s pick included blood orange sorbet and a chocolate cake. Crazy good!

photo (5)

Dad’s is in the back, he had a sort of chocolate cake that had black currant filling. Mom had a great green apple sorbet that was super tart, and we couldn’t quite figure out what her cake was. It tasted slightly marshmallow/caramel/peanut-y

Time to kick back and prepare for tomorrow’s castle adventure!


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