Germany Day 3

Today started much the same way as yesterday with a hotel breakfast.  It was fairly standard but good and filling. After breakfast we quickly suited up and got in the car to head to Hohenzollern Castle for a tour.  The ride was about 40 minutes from our hotel, but the drive was very pleasant with all the greenery and little towns along the way.  We arrived about 50 minutes early for our tour to give ourselves time to look around and walk to the top of the castle.  The drive up the mountain was great, there seemed to be a lot of hiking trails along the way and it would be very easy to spend a whole day there between the trails and the castle tour.  Our friends also told us there was a zip line by the castle, but we didn’t see anything about that.

The view of the castle from the road

The view of the castle from the road

There is a shuttle bus offered from the parking lot to the castle, but our family decided to walk instead.  It was a beautiful walk and the weather was cool, although it was very steep with a lot of steps.  It only took us about 15 minutes to hike to the top and it was nice to be surrounded by such lush forest.

Check out this giant snail we saw on our way to the top!

Check out this giant snail we saw on our way to the top!

The tour took about an hour and was done very well with a lot of fun extra facts thrown in as well as a good historical outline of the castle and this part of Germany. One of those facts: the castle was actually never lived in, it was just built as a memorial for the family! Parts of the castle are still used for balls and weddings, but to protect the floor you’re given these giant slippers to wear throughout the tour.

We enjoyed the beautiful castle and its amazing views and stopped at the castle restaurant for a quick snack as well.




The sentries’ view from the top


The tour met at the top of these stairs.


Snack at the restaurant: Yummy Gulaschsuppe with apple-cranberry juice. Loved it!

Part 2 and day 4 will have to come later, I forgot to pack my computer charger! 😦


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