Germany Day 3.2

I’m back home with my computer charger, so let’s continue with this recap! I left off eating a delicious soup at Hohenzollern Castle. After the snack, we walked around the grounds a little more, taking in a not-too-exciting casemate and some awesome statues around the outside of the castle.

Good ol' Friedrich Wilhelm III

Good ol’ Friedrich Wilhelm III

Once we were finished at the castle we headed to the Ritter Sport Museum!  The building was really interesting, but much smaller than I anticipated.  There are actually two museums in the same building, one is an art museum and the other is a history  museum for Ritter Sport chocolate.


Quin going into what we thought was the museum. Turns out it’s an office building.


Quin going into the actual museum

I was a little worn out from the castle and the museum wasn’t crazy interesting, but it was still fun to go and learn a little bit about the history.  Plus you get free samples! They have a mini model of the museum with a factory next door and a little Ritter Sport truck drives around the track, receives a chocolate square from the factory, and delivers the chocolate to you!


Here he comes!



The best part was walking around the chocolate shop! They had a box of chocolates that was 1 meter long, it was ridiculous.  I think we walked away with about 7 pounds of chocolate.  I better start working out again…

That's a looot of chocolate

That’s a looot of chocolate

We snacked on our treats as we drove to our next destination: the Wanderplatz! Literally translated to ‘walking space’, it’s a park that has tons of walking, biking, and hiking trails and it was beautiful! Dad wanted to grab a beer at one of the restored mills he’d heard about along the river, so we parked at the top of a paved trail and walked about 1.5 kilometers and then took a dirt path to an old mill-turned-bar.  We each grabbed a beer and then sat back and relaxed as we listened to a big group of Germans having a great time next to us and said hey to some of the local dogs.  Very relaxing!

Tasty beer :) Mom, Dad, and Quin had a Pils and I had the Paulaner Braun

Tasty beer 🙂 Mom, Dad, and Quin had a Pils and I had the Paulaner Braun

Then it was time to call it a night and we headed back to the hotel, ate dinner at one of its restaurants, and hit the sheets.



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