Germany Day 4

I guess my family likes routine because day 4 started off at the hotel breakfast as well.  No complaints here! No complaints here, the fresh squeezed orange juice is a great way to start the day.  We had been debating on whether to go to a history museum or the zoo (our friends told us the zoo was one of the best in Europe) but since Sunday dawned cold and rainy we decided the museum was a little more appealing.  We hopped on the U-Bahn and rode into Württemberg to check out the Landesmuseum.

When we climbed up out of the train station we came upon this charming view:

The band played hits like "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". Loooved it!

The band played hits like “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. Loooved it!

We wandered around the square for a bit, half searching for the museum and half enjoying the architecture and little Sunday market that was set up in the square.  Once the wind and rain picked up we quickly stopped lollygagging and headed straight inside.  Unfortunately, we were told no pictures were allowed so I didn’t get any snaps of the museum, although we saw some families inside taking pictures so apparently the rule isn’t too heavily enforced. The museum started in the Neanderthal era and worked up to about the 1900’s.  It was a very extensive museum and I have to say I wasn’t too captured by it, although they had a few neat hands-on sections (intended for kids but I say you’re never too old) that kept me interested.  Audioguides were offered but we didn’t take any, I think I might have gotten more out of the museum if we had though.  The museum is quite large but we hit a hunger wall and left some of the exhibits unexplored in search of some food.

We only had to walk a little ways before we found a semi-fast food place that was open; a lot of stores are closed on Sundays.  I got käsespätzle and a drink that I’m still not sure of, but enjoyed them both.

Mystery drink!

Mystery drink!

In the restaurant we saw a girl (when I say girl I mean she’s probably around 23) who was extremely dressed up for such a low key spot and we were wondering what her Sunday plans were. Shortly after we discussed the options (opera? theater? wedding?) she was posing at a table with a phone while a bunch of photographers snapped away.  Who knew we’d see a model in a fast food restaurant!

After that bit of fun I asked my parents if we could go get something sweet, so we walked back to a little cafe we had passed earlier inside the Königsbau-Passagen. We ordered our individual slices of treats and then sat down to order something warm to drink.  It was lovely 🙂


Cappuccino and a cookie


The spread


Dad was super impressed by his action shot, photo creds to Dad!

 mmmm 🙂 Now we’re home safe in Naples, back to knockin’ out errands left and right.

A question for you: Do you have a vacation spot that leaves you a little sad when you get back home?

              I’m definitely feelin’ that with this trip.  I loved how neat and clean Germany was. Such a contrast to Naples!


2 thoughts on “Germany Day 4

  1. I think a lot of us feel a bit sad when returning from holiday. Its knowing that now things will go back to normal….while on holiday you never knew what to expect and everything you try can be new and exciting!!

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