Happy Birthday, Mama!!

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and we spent a lovely evening out in town to celebrate.  Quin and I took advantage of her absence in the afternoon to clean the house as her birthday gift (sorry we’re broke ma!!) and then when Dad got home from work we headed down to Lungomare. There was a restaurant  there called Acqua & Farina that our neighbors raved about, and there’s no better night to go to a nice restaurant than a birthday night!!

Birthday girl and her charming husband!

Birthday girl and her charming husband!

My German skills are faaaaabetter than my Italian skills and I accidentally ended up ordering a 24 Euro fish special for dinner.  After originally asking for peaches.  (Pesce, pesche, they’re really close!!) I enjoyed my dinner, though, as did everyone else.  Mom got a delicious calzone, Dad ordered pasta with clams, and Quin ordered what he thought was sword fish, but then there was a whole debacle with him choosing between two fish that came out on plates, neither of which was a sword fish, so we don’t actually know what he ate either.  But he loved it! Plus we started with a yummy antipasti of assorted meats and cheeses, which isn’t a bad way to start a meal.

Dad's ready to dig in.

Dad’s ready to dig in.

Dad sneakily told our waiter it was my mom’s birthday, so when she ordered her pineapple tiramisu, it came out with an adorable pink candle!

Happy birthday, Ma!

Happy birthday, Ma!

So adorable.  Dad and I shared a chocolate soufflé, which was fantastic. Quin ordered a limoncello tart of sorts and thought it was great! All in all, a wonderful birthday celebration 🙂



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