Put The Yurt On

This morning I was feeling quite restless.  I felt antsy and nothing I had to do at home was calling my name. So after whining politely asking my mom if we could explore something, we decided to head to Carney Park to check out what it had to offer. Before we could go to the park, however, we needed to prep dinner!

What’s on the menu, you ask? This beautiful piece of meat.

Brisket! yummmm

Brisket! yummmm

It filled the house with delicious smells until we finally got to eat it.  One happy camper over here! 😀

Back to Carney Park.  I was really looking to get in a good run or something because I felt like I had a lot of energy to burn.  Mom told me they had yurts there that had exercise equipment in them so I could use some weight machines if I so chose.  This confused me a bit because this is what I imagine when someone says ‘yurt’:

Didn’t really see how that was conducive to a positive exercise environment.  When we got to the yurt at the park, it was (obviously) the same structure, but was covered with industrial-looking green outdoor fabric and weight machines lined the yurt with cardio machines in the center.  It was perfectly fine when it was just me and my mom, but when another man came in to use the machines, it got a little uncomfortable because we were all so relatively close to one another.  Pretty soon after he arrived, we left and I decided to go for a run around the park to get the lay of the land.  Without running outside the main entrance to another trail, I could only run about a one mile loop, but it took me almost the entire mile to get back into the groove of running.  It’s been a long time! But I enjoyed the next mile and a half very much and felt much better after my little jog.

I congratulated myself with this delicious brisket dinner 🙂

baked beans, green beans, and biscuits! I guess it was a B kind of night.

baked beans, green beans, and biscuits! I guess it was a B kind of night.




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