6 Hours of Unbridled Human Contact

Whoever said that thing about ‘getting there is half the fun’ has never tried to fly out of an Italian airport while a security strike is going on.  We arrived at the airport yesterday around 7:00 and were in line to go through security by 7:30.  The line, as my brother aptly pointed out, was more like a room where you waited until they called your flight so you could go through security, so we stood there for a little less than 2 hours, battling the other crazed fliers as they attempted to bull rush the poor TSA man and cut through the lines. A little girl was watching old Disney cartoons on her ipad nearby, so I distracted myself with good ol’ Donald Duck for some of that wait, but it was still pretty not fun. Our flight was supposed to leave at 9:30 and we ended up leaving just short of 11. By the time we made it through baggage claim in Paris and unearthed where the rental cars were (ORLY is not well marked) I was definitely ready to be out of the swarms of people. Phew!

The internet is pretty slow here, so I’ll just be dropping in until it’s a little easier to blog. Yesterday we visited Giverny, home of Monet’s gardens.  It was amazing! Here’s a teaser pic:



2 thoughts on “6 Hours of Unbridled Human Contact

  1. Oh dear! sounds like it was a bit of a scrum! Travel delays are never pretty and airports are probably my least favourite places in the world; sadly we have to go through them if we fly anywhere. Hope the rest of your trip was great, though!

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