France Day 3: Pointe du Hoc

Moving right along! After the cemetery visit and a brief lunch, he headed along the coast to Pointe du Hoc. During Operation Overlord, over 200 Rangers set out to climb up the 100 foot cliff face in order to destroy enemy guns that were major threats to the success of the overall D-Day landing. The entire place is filled with craters from aerial bombs and the remnants of old bunkers. I felt like I walked inside a game of Call of Duty.


IMG_3489The most incredible part was standing at the edge of the cliff and looking down.  The Rangers had to use rope ladders and grapple hooks to climb up the cliff while under enemy attack, which is completely unreal to me.  I’d be hard pressed to climb the cliff right now, complete with harness, spotter, and helmet. The thought of climbing up on sheer strength while behing shot at, knowing that when you reach the top the danger will just intensify is inconceivable to me.

The memorial to the Rangers

The memorial to the Rangers

IMG_3492After looking over the cliff face in awe and climbing around in some of the bunkers, we headed back to the car to drive on to our last B&B.

My view from the bunker!

My view from the bunker!

I think Pointe du Hoc may have been my favorite part of this whole trip.  It was easier to understand the impact of the war after walking through physical evidence of it. I won’t ever forget this trip to Normandy and definitely plan on coming back.



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