France Day 4: Mont Saint-Michel

This is pretty much the last full day of the trip!  Monday morning we rolled out of Aggarthi and headed to Mont Saint-Michel, an abbey situated on a tidal island. It is an incredible structure! Mont Saint-Michel was also featured in the Bayeux Tapestry, so it was great to see the abbey after learning about William the Conquerer’s story.

Hey cow!

Holy cow this place is old!

At the parking area, you can either walk up to the abbey the same way pilgrims in the year 1000 did, which takes about 40 minutes, or you can take the free 10 minute shuttle ride. We opted for the shuttle. We ate at a really tourist-oriented spot before taking the shuttle and I ordere buckwheat ‘pancakes’ with ham, egg, and cheese.

Pretty yummy, although the cheese was strooong

Pretty yummy, although the cheese was strooong

It did the trick! We took the shuttle to the base of the abbey and then started the long and gradual ascent to the top.  There was some sort of wedding party or wedding photo shoot or something, and Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” was blastin’ for the first part of our walk. I thought it was hilarious.

There are a lot of shops lining the walk up to the actual abbey and it was neat to think about the shops transforming over time into what they are today.  One of the shops is even built around a giant rock that is part of the island because they didn’t want to bother trying to remove it.  The shops didn’t slow us down for long, though, and we moved quickly up the slopes and staircases to the abbey itself.  They offer pamphlet guides at the top that are really helpful when exploring the grounds.

Bracing ourselves for the climb

Bracing ourselves for the climb

All the hard work is totally worth it because the abbey, the island, and its views are amazing. We were once again awed by the sheer amount of history this place has seen.

Chillin' here since the 2nd century. Boo ya

Chillin’ here since the 2nd century. Boo ya

My favorite part was coming around corners or leaning over the walls and finding these beautiful little gardens.  It was nice to see the touch of green against the grey stone and I liked thinking about the monks taking care of the flora and fauna for centuries.

Surprise garden!

Surprise garden!

After thoroughly exploring Mont Saint-Michel and giving our legs a nice workout along the way, we once again piled in the car to head off to our last bed and breakfast, Belle Vallee. If you are going anywhere around/near Domfront, France I HIGHLY recommend this place.  It’s in a really unassuming spot and we were actually a little worried about our stay there as we rolled off a fairly rural road and onto a gravel path, driving past cows and old farm equipment.  Our fears were allayed when our super friendly hostess came out to meet us on the drive and when we drove far enough to see this:

Does it get anymore picturesque and tranquil?

Does it get anymore picturesque and tranquil?

After seeing our lovely room, we were offered tea in the garden and we said aw heck yeah! At least I did in my head, my parents were a little more demure about it. We took our tea in the garden, but couldn’t help walking around looking at the cows and chickens (there was surprisingly no stinky smell in the yard, despite the animals) and the fresh food being grown. Our hosts suggested a place in town for dinner, The Grill, and it was just aiight.  I had a steak with fries, both were a little soggy.

mmmmm not so much

mmmmm not so much

But my dark chocolate and caramel ice cream really hit the spot for dessert!

There's the star!

There’s the star!

After our mediocre dinner, we headed back the the lovely B&B to discuss our options for our last full day in France.


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