Here’s Your Bum

That’s basically what the spinning class instructor said to me this morning.  Mom and I took a spinning class today and it was totally wicked!

It’s the second spinning class I’ve ever taken in my life, and while I liked the one in Virginia Beach better, this one was still a great workout.  The music was all from different movies, which worked sometimes and flopped other times.  Example: It’s really hard to pedal furiously while listening to In The Jailhouse Now by Tim Blake Nelson 


But I was definitely sweaty and my legs were burnin’ by the time the class was finished. Loved it!

When we got home I started work on cleaning Blaine’s room and bathroom.  He’ll be here in less than 24 hours!!! I’m so pumped!!

To get my mind off of counting minutes, I decided to use up some apricots and cherries that were nearing the end of their time by making a tart based off of this Apricot Tart Recipe. I only had 5 apricots, so I just added enough cherries to make it roughly half and half. It was simple, but I could’ve saved a lot of time by prepping the apricots and cherries while the crust was chilling instead of doing it after the allotted chilling hour was over. I think the results are pretty great, but the taste test tonight after dinner will be the real judge!

We were moving furniture and I left the tart in the oven just a bit too long. I'm sure it'll still taste good though!

We were moving furniture and I left the tart in the oven just a bit too long. I’m sure it’ll still taste good though!


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