Whoop Whoop!

Look who made it!

Photo on 6-25-13 at 5.18 PMMom and I left at 6:30 today to go pick up Blaine from Rome.  The poor guy was waiting for 20 minutes before we finally made it due to some nasty traffic on the way in. Plus his flight was 30 minutes early, cheater. On our way back home we stopped at the base to get him a guest pass so our shenanigans these next couple of days will be unrestricted. The drive home plus that additional stop put us home at about 3:15.  Phew! It’s been a long day for poor Blaine!

My  brother and I have entertained him with a rousing game of Yahtzee and Alley (a game involving marbles and cards), and now we’re onto our second batch of Parks and Rec.

The sleepy head only has to stay up a little longer and then we’ll let him get some much needed sleep. Our plans for tomorrow are still up in the air, we’re gonna see how Blaine feels tomorrow morning and then decide. A hike or a garden could be in our future, and I’m very excited about both!




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