Virgil’s Tomb

Except it’s not really. Yesterday Blaine and I took it easy for his first day in Italy and decided to visit Virgil’s tomb. It’s actually just a little park where Leopardi is buried but the plants in the garden are based on varieties found in Virgil’s writings.

IMG_3572It was awesome! I liked it because it’s right off the Mergellina metro stop, so it was incredibly easy for the two of us to navigate on our own. It’s a small green area with a winding path that leads about a third of the way up, then you can take a few staircases the rest of the way to get an incredible view of the city and the bay. You can also walk through part of an old aqueduct!

IMG_3587I thought that was awesome.  There was another little tunnel after a break in the first section, but we didn’t go in it because it was pitch black and we didn’t have a flash light 😦 Bummer! I totally would’ve gone in.

After soaking up the views and admiring the greenery and old old marble, we walked back down to the city and wandered around until we found a waterside cafe to grab a bite to eat.

IMG_3598We ended up stopping at a place called Orange and we split a Sicilian pizza, mostly because it had my favorite topping: eggplant! Yummmm

IMG_3601Our waitress was really nice, although she did literally laugh at my attempted Italian and said it was okay if we spoke to her in English.  Just a tad embarrassing, I thought I was doing alright! Lunch didn’t take too long and we headed back home pretty quickly afterward.  We had intended on getting some gelato or something sweet after lunch, but we hit it right during reposo so 90% of the shops were closed on our walk back to the metro.

We were pretty wiped by the time we hoofed it back to the house, but we found out we were going out to dinner that night with some of my parent’s friends so we had to rally just a little bit later. We went to a really great restaurant called Osteria DOC down by the lungomare and it was fantastic! We had a fixed menu so I don’t even know what we ate half the time, they just kept bringing out the food.  I don’t think it gets much better than that.






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