Hike to a Monastery

8 o’clock found me feelin’ fresh and ready to begin a relaxing Sunday.  It felt great to wake up without an alarm and I knew we didn’t have any crazy plans for today and that felt pretty good as well 🙂 This morning started slowly as I caught up on last week’s episode of The Bachelorette (poor Blaine got stuck watching the last 45 minutes or so 😀 ) ate about a million (3) apricots. Sometimes our landlord drops off some treats and yesterday we arrived home to a box full of apricots, plums, zucchini, and eggplant.  The apricots are delicious!!

After this slow start, Dad, Quin, Blaine and I headed off to Carney Park for the afternoon.  Quin went to hang out at the pool and read;  Dad, Blaine and I went for a nice hike around the top of the crater in which the park sits. It was a pretty short hike and took less than 2 hours, but I loved it!



From the bottom of the crater, you can see a monastery up on the ridge.  It has been Dad’s goal for a while to hike up to it, so he finally got to check that off his list today! It was a fairly rough hike because:

  • There were no trail blazes. I’m really glad Dad was there because he got us to the top no problem, but if it had been just me and Blaine I think it would’ve been a looong day
  • The trail consisted mostly of sand or loose soil, so when it got steep it was hard not to slide around
  • Some of the trails were practically straight up and I had to use my hands to climb up!
  • The path we took down wasn’t entirely clear so I managed to accidentally grab onto a thorn branch. Yowza!

We had some great views on the way up, although the monastery itself wasn’t anything to write home about



IMG_3664It is still in use and is fenced off, so we couldn’t get very close or walk around to see the view of the bay.  I’m really glad we went though, because it has been a while since I hiked and I loved the bonding time with my dad and boyfriend!

It took us about half the time to get down the crater than it did to get up, and when we got back to the car Dad decided to go read at the golf course club house and Blaine and I hit the pool.  We didn’t stay very long because it was actually a little cold outside after swimming around! I love hot hot weather and I was sad that I wasn’t baking at the pool 😦 Although somehow I still managed to get sunburn despite putting on sunscreen twice in the 3 hours we were outside.  Boooo!

A question for you: Have you done anything recently that didn’t turn out how you expected but was still lots of fun? That’s definitely how today’s hike went for us!



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