Biking in Reggia di Caserta

We went on a little day adventure today! Mom was free to drive me and Blaine around today, so we took the opportunity to go visit Reggia di Caserta, a royal palace and garden about 40 minutes away.  I won’t bore you with too much detail since we’ve already taken a family trip there that I wrote about, but Blaine and I made one huge adjustment to our game plan today: we rented bikes!


Mom went off to a shady part of the garden when we arrived and Blaine and I hopped on our bikes to explore the place (get on your bikes and ride!). It was sooo much nicer on the bikes than walking, especially coming back downhill 🙂 We parked at the very top and ate our lunch by the fountain, which was absolutely perfect.  The view was amazing and cooler temperature by the fountain was much appreciated.

IMG_3666Side note, I highly recommend those Columbia water bottles! We put cold water in them at 10 o’clock when we left the house and after hanging out in the sun until 2 o’clock the water was still chilly. Awesome.

I really liked riding the bikes around, there isn’t much of an opportunity to ride bikes around Naples so it was fun to feel the wind in my hair again 🙂 We took a bit of a long route back to the palace and saw a little mini castle that was built for the prince to play in.  What a childhood! Right by the play place was a beautiful magnolia tree, so obviously I had to pose in it! Too bad I didn’t have my mouthguard with me!



We only rented the bike for two hours, so we turned those babies in and went for a stroll around the palace.  I think it’s clear Blaine enjoyed himself 😉





The palace was as impressive as ever; I especially enjoyed the special exhibit featuring sketches of the garden in its planning phase.  Pretty neat!

Blaine and I took on dinner duties tonight, and since we had some eggplant to use up we decided on a little eggplant parmesan action.  We double teamed it and it took no time at all! The rest of the fam gave it rave reviews, although I wasn’t completely won over I still really enjoyed it.

Preppin' the eggplant

Preppin’ the eggplant

Time to treat myself to some dessert!



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