Striiiike Out!

Our plans today were a big fat BUST 😦 Quin and Mom had some errands to run, so Blaine and I were on our own. I thought it would be a great plan to go to the National Archeological Museum today, and then go to Pompeii tomorrow so we could get the whole picture. Pretty smart, huh? Too bad I didn’t do all my research. It turns out that the museum is closed on Tuesdays, womp! It had taken us a little over an hour to get out there, so it was a pretty harsh blow when the museum was sealed up tight. Luckily, we had just treated ourselves to a cappuccino and a graffa (a donut dusted in sugar) so the morning wasn’t a total loss.

We regrouped and decided to take a spin around the Flavian Amphitheater by the metro station near our house. There are some cool ruins there, I actually knew how to get there, and it was near a pizza place my mom had recommended. Win-win-win! Except when we showed up we saw this:


What a huge bummer! Obviously I need to get a little smarter about these attractions. At that point, Blaine and I just laughed and decided to go get some pizza and beer. (Our landlord took us out to dinner one time and insisted that the only thing you can drink with pizza is beer.  I’m not going to second guess the advice of a 70 year-old Italian man). We went to a place called Zona A, right near the metro station, and I left Blaine to order our drinks and pizza. When I sat back down, these babies were delivered to us


Like my point of view? 😉 It was a lot of beer, but surprisingly refreshing after a hot day of disappointments.

When our pizza came we were a little confused because we thought we had ordered a pizza with eggplant and friarielli (which is rapini), but our pizza looked like plain cheese.



We decided to dig in anyway since I didn’t want to fumble around with asking for a different pizza, and it’s a good thing we did, because there was a surprise inside that crust!



It was stuffed with sausage-friarielli-eggplant goodness!! That was the first time I’d had stuffed crust pizza here, and it was a real winner. We left full and happy, the day’s earlier disappointments  forgotten 🙂

When we got home, I coerced poor Blaine into watching the latest episode of The Bachelorette (anybody else disappointed in her picks??) and now we’re watching Casino Royale to make up for his pain 😀


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