Eat ‘Til You Roll

Rome really put me behind my posting! I’m tryin’ to catch up but Blaine and I have a few more jam-packed days before his vacation is over.  Let’s get through Sunday!

Our family booked an afternoon of wine tasting at an agriturismo (sort of like a dude ranch, an agriturismo is a working Italian farm that has space available for tourists to stay and enjoy the spoils of the farm) called Torre Gaia. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, we knew we were in for a treat.  Look at this view!



Amazing. We were greeted by our host (I never actually caught his name! 😦 ) and given a tour of the wine cellar, the wine making process, and Torre Gaia’s store. It was really neat to see the wine barrels and the heavy machinery involved in making Italy’s favorite drink.



IMG_0986After our brief tour, we sat down to our 5 course meal! Each course was served with a different wine, although I only remember the house white, rosé, red, and a sweet dessert wine. A champagne of sorts was served with our tour and it ended up being my favorite of the afternoon.

Our meal started with a mini pizza lookin’ thing that wasn’t delicious, but I really liked the dough part.  It tasted sort of like a really really thick pancake. I shouldn’t have finished it since we still had 4 courses coming but self-control is hard!


Next up was grilled eggplant stacked on green zucchini and covered with melty cheese.  Mmm mmm good! You guys know how I can’t resist eggplant 😉 There was a big roasted red pepper on top that completed the grilled veggie show.


My favorite round was up next! Pastaaa 🙂 It had a very basic tomato-basil sauce but topped with that grated cheese somehow it became a super gourmet meal. I really liked the noodles too, the hollows allowed for maximum sauce capacity, my fave.



After the pasta I was a little dismayed that we still had 2 courses left, I was stuffed! But pork and green beans were served next and it smelled so good I still ate half a plate! The pork was cooked perfectly and the green beans had a little somethin’ somethin’ special to them. Sooo gooood.

IMG_4853(I had to smear the balsamic vinaigrette spots together ’cause it reminded me of spider eyes. Ick!)

We moved our dessert course under an overhang because we were dining al fresco and a thunderstorm rolled in. It was oddly relaxing to sit outside eating treats and listening to the thunder. Dessert consisted of a small chocolate cake and a small vanilla cake that tasted a little coconut-y.  There was also that little guy off to the side that was topped with custard, but I’m not 100% on what it actually was.


IMG_4855All I felt like doing after dessert was laying down and taking a nap I was stuffed to the gills. Luckily the drive home took less than an hour so we were all able to put on our loosest gym shorts and hang around the house 🙂




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