Museum + Pompeii

Blaine and I finally achieved our goal of going to the Archeological Museum and Pompeii back to back.  I’ll skim over the museum since I already covered our family visit there and I’ll get to Pompeii in a second, but first I have big news!! I applied to become a Sweat Pink ambassador a little while ago and I received my welcome e-mail this morning! I am completely stoked about it 😀 Cheers to new experiences!

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Okay back to recapping 🙂

Art history/archeology  guy that he is, my brother Quin joined us on our visit to the museum on Monday.  We were a little nervous when we arrived because there were notices all over the place about exhibits and wings being closed, which made it sound like Blaine wouldn’t be able to see the Pompeii artifacts he learned about this past semester in his Roman history class.  Luckily, 90% of what we wanted to see was still available.  Phew!



I loved going through the museum again with both Blaine and Quin because they knew so much about a lot of the exhibits.  It’s good to know people!


My little sea goat!

My little sea goat!

There was an Italian couple who went through the whole museum carrying their two Chihuahuas around. The dogs were completely complacent the whole time and I thought there couldn’t be many other places in the world where you can bring your pet around 2000 year old objects.

That’s what I thought until we went to Pompeii and we saw a man walking through the ruins with his adorable pet chocolate lab.  I guess since stray dogs walk around Pompeii all the time there isn’t much of a point in keeping pets out, but it was still pretty funny to see.  It took me and Blaine three hours to get to Pompeii by train.


When we first arrived at the site, we thought we’d just wander around with our audio guide, stopping at things that looked particularly interesting.  We quickly discovered that wouldn’t work and sat down in some shade to pick out our must-sees from the huge map we grabbed. Despite only choosing about 5 sites to see, it still took us three and a half hours and we were no where near covering the whole place. Pompeii is huge!


My favorite part was the amphitheater; it’s the oldest surviving Roman amphitheater and is one of the best preserved ever. Blaine and I enjoyed pretending like we were gladiators, standing in the center and pretending the crowd was roaring for us.




Blaine’s favorite spot was the House of the Faun since he learned so much about it this past semester and saw a lot of the original artifacts in the museum the day before.



The House of the Faun was our last stop and we managed to time it perfectly because right as we were leaving storm clouds rolled in and thunder started a-rumblin’. Luckily we made it back on the metro before rain fell, but the 2 hour journey home put us on the couch for the rest of the day. No complaints here! 


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