About Me

I’m Natalie, currently a Sophomore exercise science major experiencing a mid-college crisis. Born in Sicily, Italy into a military family, I’ve lived in Rome, Naples, and up and down the east coast with my amazing family. I’m the fly half and fundraising chair for my university’s club rugby team and love every minute of it. I’m also considering a career in event planning or catering services, so if you have any tips or experience I would love to hear from you!


My dad is a Marine and my best friend. The funniest and most level-headed guy I know, I aspire to be like him. He and my mom are high school sweethearts (awww); they make an awesome and inspiring couple.

My mom has worked as an ESL teacher and a substitute teacher and is also my  best friend. Every year she makes me the cake on the cover of Southern Living’s December issue and it comes out looking like she works in their test kitchen. She taught me how to be a true Southern lady, complete with spunk.

My brother is two years older than I am and, I’ll give it to him, twice as cool.  I look up to his sharp wit and admire the way he can remember trivia about the coolest things. It’ll be another few years until I actually tell him that though 🙂


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