Competition at the Gym

Mom and I were ready for a workout yesterday so we headed to the gym to take the 8:30 spinning class followed by the 9:30 ab class.  My legs were still feeling my workout from Sunday and the spinning class did nothing to ease the pain! It was really fun though and I enjoyed the music a lot more this time compared to the last class we took. Even though I picked a bike near the fan, I was still drenched by the end of the hour.

ready for our workouts!

ready for our workouts!

I only have one complaint about that class: I felt like my bike neighbor kept watching me spin. I could just be paranoid, but I reaally don’t enjoy it when I feel that a fellow gym member is comparing my performance to theirs. I usually try to ignore it, but with all the mirrors in the spinning room there was pretty much no where to look without realizing she was watching me. Staring back seemed to nip it in the bud though 😛

How do you handle uncomfortable situations at the gym?

The class ended just before 9:30 and we quickly cleaned off our bikes before heading to our next class.  When we walked in, the instructor was telling everyone to “go get steps” and mom and I realized this miiight not be an ab class.  Turns out, it was like a step aerobic/full body workout class.  It was a lot of fun, but we did squats on the steps and lots of glute exercises and my tush and legs were screaming by the end. The instructor was really fun, though, and we had a lot of helpful classmates who assisted us when we got confused 🙂

We came home and pretty much took it easy, although I did crank out a batch of peanut butter oatmeal cookies! I didn’t realize how many it made (6 dozen!) so we have cookies for days.  The fam gives them a 6 so they aren’t amazing, but they’re pretty good.

Yumm :)

Yumm 🙂


Boredom Bustin’

I’m a fan of Louis C.K, and I find myself thinking about one of his ‘skits’ quite often. In it, his young daughters complain of being bored and he responds with this:

and I think it’s a really great way to look at things! Buut I’m struggling with that right now.  Before you call me a spoiled brat for living in Italy and being bored, sometimes I just want to catch a movie with friends or ride my bike around the neighborhood.  Seeing that the majority of my friends live on a separate continent and I’m scared to drive here, not to mention ride a bike on the street, I’ve been scrambling for new ways to keep myself entertained. Today I decided to start Jess’s Summer Shape Up plan and I’m sooo glad I did. 

Excited about gettin’ in summer shape! source

The workouts are laid out very clearly with video examples and it gives me a solid goal to work towards, which is something I thrive off of.  And the “hard core” workout was killer! I love being challenged in new ways. Hopefully this will help stave off the boredom until our next big adventure!

What are some of your favorite boredom busters? I’m working on a cross stitch piece right now, but needlework requires a certain amount of calm that is hard to come by sometimes!


Drumroll, Please!

Exciting news!  Today I received my results from the Strong career aptitude test and I’m really happy with the results! I’ve been really out of sorts since I started questioning what I wanted to do and I’m hoping now that I have a goal in mind I’ll be able to get it back together. My top 4 results were: recreational therapist, bartender (what do you think, Mom?),  occupational therapist, and physical therapist.  Apparently my original major was right on track!

I really like the idea of recreational therapy because I can start working directly out of school instead of immediately going through the graduate school process. It’s a very hands-on job, which I love, and it seems like I can pick a niche like working in a nursing home or with mentally or physically disabled patients. There are a lot of different options and I think it’ll be a great opportunity to save up some money and decide if grad school still appeals to me. Yay for having a plan!

After classes and a brief stint selling shirts for a Little Pink Houses of Hope fundraiser, I got to hang out with this guy!

Power stance

Power stance

Meet Charlie! He’s a former shelter dog who now lives near campus with a great older couple.  He’s still quite skittish from his time in the shelter but I’ve definitely seen improvement since I started walking him in the fall. The biggest issue we have is halfway through his walk, when he realizes we’re headed back home, he pulls so much and so hard that by the time we get back my arms and shoulders ache.  Nothing I do seems to help and he doesn’t eat in front of people so I can’t try and offer treats for staying next to me. Any tips out there?

For a workout this afternoon I ran two miles, did sprint intervals for about two miles, and did a mile cool down. It felt pretty good! I’m getting excited for this half marathon. I did almost all of my workout on the school’s track and at first I thought I would get bored running a million laps, but I got into a nice zone and it worked well. And now off for some much needed sleep!