I’m falling behind on my daily posts! I’ve been feeling pretty under the weather these past couple of days, so I’m sorry for the lack of posts. Here’s a little picture recap of what we’ve been doing.


  •  We bought the new version of The Game of Life.  I like the older version better, but it’s still fun!


  •  Mom and I went to the market and bought all of these veggies for 1 euro, plus 4 peaches for 50 cents.  Can’t beat those prices, and everything is so fresh! These guys were roasted up with olive oil and Italian spices as a side dish one night.


  •  I hope we ate these before ‘End of Dluo’. Whatever that means…



  •  We took a tour of the Bourbon Tunnels. Really, really interesting, the tour company offers three different experiences: the basic walk-through tour, an adventure tour complete with rafting down a part of the aqueduct and zip lining, and a ‘spelunking’ adventure where you are given hard hats, flashlights, and a suit and you can crawl through some of the narrowest parts of the aqueduct.  We only did the basic, but I reaally want to go back and try the adventure tour.

Photo on 7-19-13 at 8.01 PM #2

  •  That, ladies and gents, is a Reese’s ice cream sandwich.  Soooo good, especially when you hit a chunk of peanut butter. love it.

And that pretty much catches us up! For the rest of the day I plan on being parked on the couch with a box of Kleenex next to me, trying to watch America’s Next Top Model.  Jealous?









The Countdown

As school comes creeping towards finals, I can’t help but count down every day standing between me and my  family.

So close!

So close!

The sophomore slump is no myth and I’ve really been feeling antsy these past couple of months.  I keep telling myself to enjoy this college lifestyle and all its wonderful opportunities but I’m afraid I’m part old-soul because I keep daydreaming about settling down into a job and routine where weekends are filled with DIY home projects and visits to dog parks. I gotta cut down on the HGTV watching!

I’m a sucker for advertising.

Tonight’s Sunday recipe isn’t anything exciting at all, in fact it’s not even Southern Living 😦 I was feelin’ extra cheesy tonight so I whipped up a quick omelete made with about a pound of Colby Jack cheese.  I used to have a thing when I was little where I thought omeletes were gross and only wanted scrambled eggs, but I think my omelete tally for the past week is at about 3. Oh how the times have changed.  There may be some possible Duncan Hines brownies on the way as I struggle to write one of the many papers due this week. Ah the powers of comfort food.

Chewbacca or bear?

This weekend was, yet again, off the chain.  Let’s start with Blaine’s birthday night!


Once we got to his sister’s apartment, it was pretty much go-go-go in order to get dinner and cake ready before it was midnight. Blaine worked on his famous pizza while I discovered just how messy I could be while decorating a cake. Here’s Chewie himself!

His lazy eye is due to the stress of flying with Han Solo.

His lazy eye is due to the stress of flying with Han Solo.

Obviously incredibly amateur and I blame his mouth on how hard it was to use the icing-in-a-tube precisely. But it was delicious! The icing is mocha icing, made by adding cocoa powder and instant coffee to a typical icing recipe.

Another complaint: there is a sad lack of Star Wars birthday goods on the market. I was forced to buy Finding Nemo party hats instead of Star Wars hats, but since Blaine loves Finding Nemo he didn’t mind that I didn’t keep with a theme.

Birthday Boy!

Birthday Boy!

He also got these awesome lego-shaped candles that I thought were awesome.  They melted surprisingly quickly…IMG_3144


Blaine and I surprised ourselves by waking up at 11 on Saturday. That is waayyyy later than either of us usually wake up and it had us feeling kind of sluggish for the rest of the day. We ended up heading to a Starbucks to do some homework outside while his sister did some things for work. REI is located conveniently next to the Starbucks, so when chemistry started getting dull we walked over to check out the goods.  Blaine was ready to buy everything but I especially like this shirt by Brooks

On sale for $23! But I’m too stingy.

We ate a super early dinner because Blaine’s cousin had a violin recital at 6:30 and we wanted it to be an early night.  We ended up going to an Italian restaurant called Mia Francesca where I had some delicious Eggplant Siciliana, which was made with penne, roasted eggplant, and ricotta. I loved it but it could’ve served 3! Our waiter was from Capri and when I told him my family lives in Naples, he gave me the names of two restaurants he highly recommended and I cannot wait to go home and try them.

After the awesome recital we headed home and watched The Lion King.  Today Blaine told me how much he loves Disney movies and their songs.  I have successfully converted him MWUAHAHA!


The day of the big race! It started off rough when Blaine’s alarm didn’t go off (why would I set one of my own with Mr. Responsibility offering to wake me up?) and his sister woke us up half an hour after we were supposed to leave.  We had forgotten to pick up our bibs and everything on Saturday since it was such a lazy day and I was stressed about getting to the start, picking up our packets, and getting comfy before the race started.  Luckily it all worked out and we were fine on time, but I was very nervous this morning!

We ran the RunRaleigh half marathon and overall I really enjoyed my first half! It was fairly scenic and I loved running on the Greenway listening to all the birds sing in the perfect weather.  There was one stretch where we just ran on an overpass and I have to admit I got a little bored then. My goal was 2:30 since I hadn’t trained and I wanted my first half to just be fun, but I shattered it and came in at 2:18! whoo hoo! Next goal is 2:00 even. Blaine knocked it out of the frickin’ park with a time of 1:30, coming second in his age group and 18th overall.  The man is a running machine.  And he was worried because he hadn’t trained either, pshhh.

We did it!!!!

We did it!!!!

To celebrate our respective victories we headed over to Zoes Kitchen for some yummy food (I got the chicken salad sandwich with fresh fruit and it really hit the spot) and then back to Elon to relax and watch my friend Jeff’s lacrosse game.  Fun day!!



Disney World!

Disney really is the most magical place on Earth. Blaine and I spent the entire day at the parks yesterday and I could’ve used 4 more. I really wanted to visit Magic Kingdom but wanted Blaine to have fun with the Star Wars ride in Hollywood Studios, so we splurged and bought the hopper ticket that let us go to all the parks in one day.

We got there bright and early, along with thousands of other spring breakers. I was a little surprised at the amount of people there, but I suppose I shouldn’t have been, considering the time of year.

Crowds can't stop the fun!

Crowds can’t stop the fun!

Because of the crowds waiting times were crazy high so we didn’t end up riding too many rides, but that didn’t bother us very much.  My favorite part of Disney is just the atmosphere and I was content to walk around, look at the new Fantasyland (Tangled themed bathrooms. Can I get a heck yeah?) and enjoy being in the most magical place on Earth. We rode Peter Pan and It’s a Small World in MK, then headed to Epcot for lunch and to check out the flowers during the flower festival.

I'm transferring Ma!

I’m transferring Ma!


The flowers were incredible! They had a butterfly house, displays with professionals ready to answer questions, and of course tons of magical flower sculptures.  I loved it and it definitely encouraged me to keep researching landscape architecture. We ate lunch at The Rose and Thorn in the UK section of Epcot but I was a little disappointed in our meal. Last time I ate there I polished my plate clean it was so good, but this time we ordered the fish and chips and they were a little soggy and salty.

We moved quickly past lunch and headed to Hollywood Studios for some Star Wars action! We went straight to Star Tours to get a Fast Pass and had a lot of time to kill before we needed to come back.  We went through the Life of Walt exhibit which was really cool and then onto my favorite: The Great Movie Ride.  Even though it’s a slow boat ride, I love it and have to ride it every time I go.

Blaine really enjoyed the Star Tours ride although he wished it was longer.  Isn’t that always the case? The ride had changed since the last time I rode it and I got a little motion sickness from the 3D aspect.  It was still fun though! I bought Blaine a Tigger mug that matches my Mike Wazowski mug in the hopes that I can fully convert him into a big time Disney fan. After all of the park hopping and wandering around it was 9:00 and time to load up and head home. This Disney trip was a little atypical, but I still loved every minute of it and I’m so glad we went.

A question for you: What’s your favorite part about Disney?

Boys Weekend

I definitely crashed Boys Weekend yesterday, but I had an absolute blast so I hope Blaine’s family didn’t mind!

The original plan was to wake up early, get in a run (believe it or not I’m supposed to be on a half marathon training plan. The half is in 3 weeks and I haven’t run over 6 miles. Whoops) and then head to the Arnold Palmer Invitational to watch some golf. We woke up early, heard rain, and rolled over to sleep some more. It is spring break after all, right?

After a relaxing morning, we headed into the tournament armed with rain gear and beach chairs. I’ve never been a huge fan of golf, but it was a beautiful day to relax in the sun and watch some sharply dressed men play their game. I went to golf camp and developed a huge crush on Tiger when I was in first grade and although I know he’s made some interesting life decisions my heart still raced when he walked down the green 5 yards away from me. The time at the tournament flew by and it seemed like we had barely been there when Blaine’s dad noted that we had a reservation in Orlando in about an hour and we still had to meet the rest of the fam. We made time to snap a pic at the 18th hole though!

Tiger Woods stood here!

Tiger Woods stood here!

We left the tournament, grabbed a quick shower at Blaine’s grandparent’s house and then headed to Linda’s La Cantina for a spectacular meal. It was me and 7 of Blaine’s “boys” and I’d be hard pressed to find a better time. I hope they didn’t mind me crashing Man Time!

Today is supposed to be pretty nasty weather, so I think we’ll catch a movie and maybe shop around a little. I know Blaine will love that 😛