Competition at the Gym

Mom and I were ready for a workout yesterday so we headed to the gym to take the 8:30 spinning class followed by the 9:30 ab class.  My legs were still feeling my workout from Sunday and the spinning class did nothing to ease the pain! It was really fun though and I enjoyed the music a lot more this time compared to the last class we took. Even though I picked a bike near the fan, I was still drenched by the end of the hour.

ready for our workouts!

ready for our workouts!

I only have one complaint about that class: I felt like my bike neighbor kept watching me spin. I could just be paranoid, but I reaally don’t enjoy it when I feel that a fellow gym member is comparing my performance to theirs. I usually try to ignore it, but with all the mirrors in the spinning room there was pretty much no where to look without realizing she was watching me. Staring back seemed to nip it in the bud though 😛

How do you handle uncomfortable situations at the gym?

The class ended just before 9:30 and we quickly cleaned off our bikes before heading to our next class.  When we walked in, the instructor was telling everyone to “go get steps” and mom and I realized this miiight not be an ab class.  Turns out, it was like a step aerobic/full body workout class.  It was a lot of fun, but we did squats on the steps and lots of glute exercises and my tush and legs were screaming by the end. The instructor was really fun, though, and we had a lot of helpful classmates who assisted us when we got confused 🙂

We came home and pretty much took it easy, although I did crank out a batch of peanut butter oatmeal cookies! I didn’t realize how many it made (6 dozen!) so we have cookies for days.  The fam gives them a 6 so they aren’t amazing, but they’re pretty good.

Yumm :)

Yumm 🙂


The Best Laid Plans

Yesterday turned out not to be the ultimate day of relaxation. Quite the opposite actually.  I noticed a spot on my tooth about a week ago and wanted to get it checked out at the dentist’s ASAP to avoid anything unpleasant. That involved getting up at 8 yesterday and driving into base for ‘sick call’, which is a two hour window where you can walk in to a department and ask to be seen. My walk-in appointment confirmed my worst fear: the spot was a cavity.

I was told to come back at 1 o’clock to have the cavity filled, so we killed some time while my upcoming fate loomed in my mind. I bought a copy of The Happiness Project to try and cheer me up before my appointment since I heard it was a good book from a few people.  I’m enjoying it so far, but I think only a happy puppy in my lap would have really done the trick.

Happy dog!! Source.

I had a nice technician and a friendly dentist, but 3 and a half hours after my filling my face was still numb from the Novocain. Ugh. I found a recipe on for a super simple 3-ingredient peanut butter cookie, so I threw together a batch to take my mind off my mouth.




It was super simple!

  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup peanut butter

Mix the ingredients together, spoon out onto a cookie sheet and bake for 10 minutes at 350. That’s it! I thought they were delicious, but my dad didn’t believe they had been baked when he saw them sitting on the cookie sheet since they don’t flatten out like normal cookies.

What’s your favorite simple recipe? I think this is the quickest cookie I’ve ever made, but I really liked the instant gratification! Feel free to share one of your favorite quick recipes, I’d love to try them 🙂

Biking in Reggia di Caserta

We went on a little day adventure today! Mom was free to drive me and Blaine around today, so we took the opportunity to go visit Reggia di Caserta, a royal palace and garden about 40 minutes away.  I won’t bore you with too much detail since we’ve already taken a family trip there that I wrote about, but Blaine and I made one huge adjustment to our game plan today: we rented bikes!


Mom went off to a shady part of the garden when we arrived and Blaine and I hopped on our bikes to explore the place (get on your bikes and ride!). It was sooo much nicer on the bikes than walking, especially coming back downhill 🙂 We parked at the very top and ate our lunch by the fountain, which was absolutely perfect.  The view was amazing and cooler temperature by the fountain was much appreciated.

IMG_3666Side note, I highly recommend those Columbia water bottles! We put cold water in them at 10 o’clock when we left the house and after hanging out in the sun until 2 o’clock the water was still chilly. Awesome.

I really liked riding the bikes around, there isn’t much of an opportunity to ride bikes around Naples so it was fun to feel the wind in my hair again 🙂 We took a bit of a long route back to the palace and saw a little mini castle that was built for the prince to play in.  What a childhood! Right by the play place was a beautiful magnolia tree, so obviously I had to pose in it! Too bad I didn’t have my mouthguard with me!



We only rented the bike for two hours, so we turned those babies in and went for a stroll around the palace.  I think it’s clear Blaine enjoyed himself 😉





The palace was as impressive as ever; I especially enjoyed the special exhibit featuring sketches of the garden in its planning phase.  Pretty neat!

Blaine and I took on dinner duties tonight, and since we had some eggplant to use up we decided on a little eggplant parmesan action.  We double teamed it and it took no time at all! The rest of the fam gave it rave reviews, although I wasn’t completely won over I still really enjoyed it.

Preppin' the eggplant

Preppin’ the eggplant

Time to treat myself to some dessert!


Here’s Your Bum

That’s basically what the spinning class instructor said to me this morning.  Mom and I took a spinning class today and it was totally wicked!

It’s the second spinning class I’ve ever taken in my life, and while I liked the one in Virginia Beach better, this one was still a great workout.  The music was all from different movies, which worked sometimes and flopped other times.  Example: It’s really hard to pedal furiously while listening to In The Jailhouse Now by Tim Blake Nelson 


But I was definitely sweaty and my legs were burnin’ by the time the class was finished. Loved it!

When we got home I started work on cleaning Blaine’s room and bathroom.  He’ll be here in less than 24 hours!!! I’m so pumped!!

To get my mind off of counting minutes, I decided to use up some apricots and cherries that were nearing the end of their time by making a tart based off of this Apricot Tart Recipe. I only had 5 apricots, so I just added enough cherries to make it roughly half and half. It was simple, but I could’ve saved a lot of time by prepping the apricots and cherries while the crust was chilling instead of doing it after the allotted chilling hour was over. I think the results are pretty great, but the taste test tonight after dinner will be the real judge!

We were moving furniture and I left the tart in the oven just a bit too long. I'm sure it'll still taste good though!

We were moving furniture and I left the tart in the oven just a bit too long. I’m sure it’ll still taste good though!

Southern Living Wednesday?

Yesterday was very busy between running errands and getting ready for a dinner party our family hosted last night.  Our neighbors are moving in a few days, and since the packers arrived yesterday to start loading everything up, we invited them over to our house for a meal (yay for more Southern Living recipes!).  It was a lot of prep work, but also a lot of fun!! I’m sorry I just met them this summer, they’re very cool people! Our menu consisted of

It was a really fun meal and I was ecstatic the pie turned out well.  My mom helped me with the filling, but I was still worried I would somehow manage to ruin it.

Looks pretty good, huh?

Looks pretty good, huh?

I discovered lemon meringue pie is really my thang, but I think we executed it well.

I went to the gym this morning and was looking forward to that Fit Boxe class I chickened out on Tuesday.  I gave myself a little pep talk and as I was doing my 30 minutes on the bike I was pumped to try the new class.  But it was not to be.  For some unknown reason, the class was cancelled today, which really put me in a funk.  I was excited to participate in a group ex class again and working out by myself suddenly seemed lonely.  I did some exercise I saw in the special summer issue of Self magazine that involved a Swiss ball, and that got a little goofy.  I think I managed to cheer up one guy’s day as he saw me struggling hopelessly with my ball, trying to keep it under me as I was laying on top of it on my back.

If only it were this relaxing…

Not an invigorating workout, but I’m glad I still managed to do something.  Next Thursday that class is mine!