Chill Time

Man oh man have these past 2 weeks been busy! With a guest in the house we really tried to make an effort to show off our beautiful city of Naples, so it has been a pretty constant go-go-go around here. 

Yesterday we concluded Blaine’s whirlwind tour with a trip to Sorrento so he could finish up his shopping and it was a beautiful day for  it. 



My mom brought a friend so we all just strolled around town and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I bought myself a cute little red purse that I am very excited about so it was a successful day for me as well! The train ride from Naples to Sorrento takes a little over 2 hours and when we made it home at 5 o’clock Blaine and I were wiped.  Shopping takes it out of ya! We spent the rest of the evening getting Blaine ready for his flight this morning. 

His flight home left out of Rome which meant waking up at 5 a.m this morning. That was painful. When I get back to school I plan to be an early morning exerciser and I know it’s going to take me a while to get into that groove! Our drive to Rome was uneventful and it was sad to see Blaine go, but hopefully we’ll be seeing each other soon 🙂 

Unfortunately, I think all this movin’ and groovin’ is starting to get me sick! I woke up with a bit of a sore throat and the sniffles, so I’m planning on treating myself to a long weekend of relaxation 🙂 Hooray for self pampering! 

A question for you: What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself? I usually like to go to the beach and read magazines, but because of my current location I think I’ll be sitting in the garden reading magazines this weekend. I have two issues of Vogue I haven’t read yet! 



Sunny Sorrento

Today Mom and I went on a mother-daughter date to the beautiful seaside town of Sorrento. It was lovely!

One of my only pictures of Sorrento itself... :/

One of my only pictures of Sorrento itself… :/

Sorrento is such a beautiful town, and I’m a little ashamed I didn’t take more pictures. Sorry guys!! The train ride from Naples to Sorrento took longer than Mom and I thought it would–about 2 hours! But Mom was asked on a coffee date with a friendly older Italian gentleman, so the ride was well worth the time 😉 (She declined, in case you were wondering).

Please ignore my awkward wink.  Mom's still got it!

Please ignore my awkward wink. Mom’s still got it!

When we initially arrived in the city, we needed a bit of a pick-me-up before we really got rollin’.  Can you guess what I ordered? Ayup, a cappuccino with an apricot ‘graffa’, which is like a donut

That cappuccino was on point

That cappuccino was on point

Then we were ready to rock! We wandered up and down streets, stopping at what looked interesting and catching a late lunch when we felt the rumblings of hunger once more.  Mom and I originally planned on sharing some appetizers, but for some reason when I opened the menu and saw the egg dishes available, I couldn’t shake my craving for eggs.

Lunch! Also my first time trying rosé. Not in love.

Lunch! Also my first time trying rosé. Not in love.

My eggs were just a little bit runny, which is exactly how I like them, and I was surprised at how much I liked the cooked tomato with the eggs.

After lunch we had to sort of hustle back to the train station in order to make it home in time to prep dinner, but it was an absolutely lovely day and I thoroughly enjoyed the high 70’s weather! And I finally found the purse I’ve been longing for for months.

The spoils of the day. Huzzah!

The spoils of the day. Huzzah!

Originally I wanted just a nice brown leather purse, but the yellow was calling my name. First the purse then the eggs…I’m sensing a pattern…

I love Sorrento and can’t wait to take Blaine back!!

A question for you: Is there a place you would visit again and again without tiring of it?

I think Sorrento and Rome are both places I could go repeatedly without getting bored. There’s just so much to look at and do!